On going Swimming pool construction in nepal

This is the video of shear wall and landscape construction of our ongoing swimming pool project. The design was prepared by Voxel Architects and the construction has been undertaken by voxel construction team in a turnkey basis in order to guarantee the quality of the work and meet the timeline.

We, now undertake construction of design projects throughout Nepal, so that the design is well respected and the essence is best retained after erection.  In the past, Leaving the construction to local petty and /or even experienced contractors after we, voxel team, at various parts of Nepal, designed the house and property and complexes, the gist and essence of the design was somewhat lost after completion of construction.  So we take extra Precaution to avoid any discrepancies in the essence of design and construction – Be it House Design for residential purpose or bigger urban built environment project such as commercial complexes, plazas, parks and urban squares etc.

Heated Swimming pool design at Kathmandu Nepal

Heated Swimming pool design at Kathmandu Nepal

Our Ongoing Construction Project

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