Why The Name Voxel?

Why the name “Voxel”?

Voxel in architecture and design, represents a multidimensional space. A voxel represents a value on a regular grid in three-dimensional space. Voxel is a portmanteau for “volume” and “pixel” where pixel is a combination of “picture” and “element”.

However in Architecture Design, other dimensions such as time  also add up to form VOXEL.


When the name  was first thought of, we decided to name our firm that would reflect the firm’s objective as well as the profession it does. So, we wanted a name that ‘d have a form  aspects of architecture; that is the basic volume, And the aesthetic aspect is the picture like quality, the pixel. Combining the volume and pixel, with the technology and time (the functional aspect), forms VOXEL.

Delving deep into this philosophy, we even coined this new word for the new architecture vocabulary, – voxel, which represents a multidimensional space, the dimensions being, Length, breadth, height, time and a specific dimension of architecture(emotion,aesthetics,context, etc)

Length, breadth, height, time and architecture. 

Now, we wanted a logo, that would represent our firm’s belief in Progressive Cycle of Creating, Enriching and Inspiring – through architecture.The optically illusive logo, represents the triangle in a 5 dimensional space, and each vertex represents the architecture work in practice – “creating spaces”, “enriching lives” and “inspiring people.”

We Believe that, any built space we design, must in return enrich the society ( in the present as well as in the future) and inspire the whole mankind.…….through education, technology and architecture. (voxel)

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