People Behind Our Success

bandana Architect


Junior Architect

Bandana holds an academic background in the Department of Architecture at Pulchowk Campus. She strongly believes that sincere dedication and smart work play a crucial role in the successful outcome of any project. She actively contributes as a team player and possesses a quick learning ability. Bandana effectively comprehends and communicates design concepts within the team and with corresponding individuals. Her self-discipline and punctuality make her a dependable member of Voxel, ensuring project deadlines are met.

Beyond her professional attributes, Bandana is an avid outdoor enthusiast with a sociable personality, excellent communication skills, and a cheerful demeanor. She has a fondness for sweet foods and spends her free time indulging her sweet tooth, engaging in outdoor hiking activities, and immersing herself in reading books.

Architect Anish from Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal



Anish comes from the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. He believes that the very Base of any reliable work is sincerity, organization, dedication, and diligence.

    Anish is passionate about architecture and strongly believes that a built environment can inspire people and thus improve their lives. This aligns with the Very motto of Voxel.

Simple and Yet Profound, – this is his style. The underlying simplicity can be found in most of his projects, which has spurred from the very rigor of design thinking, and culminated over years, which has led him to easily identify and eliminate anything that is unnecessary in the project, be it a direct & tangible geometric volume or simply an intangible idea.

He is a team player and is also interested in music, and graphics design and is always enthusiastic to assimilate more.

Project Architect at Voxel Nepal


Project Architect

Situ has been with voxel since 2021 after graduating from Kathmandu engineering college. She is Leading Various Residential and Institutional Architecture and Interior Projects in Nepal, Both Inside as well as Outside Kathmandu valley. She likes to travel for work as well as non-work.

At voxel, She’s championing sensible architecture practice putting an emphasis on sustainable design, the use of clean lines and geometric shapes, and simple forms. This perfectly aligns with her own belief in living an environmentally sensible life and voxel’s motto of creating a built environment, inspiring people, and enriching lives.

She is involved in various social and environmental organizations to help the needy and is always found excited in giving back to the community.

Besides Architecture She has excellent Culinary skills, specially Baking Arts. The Cakes and Pastries Prepared by her have been everyone’s favorite. She has been the founding partner of buttercup treats, which serves one of the most delicious and artfully prepared, custom-made bakery items in Kathmandu town.

Nepali Architect Based in Kathmandu- Architect Ujjwal



Graduated from the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk &  Registered Architect in Nepal, Ujjwal is a Founding Member and CEO at Voxel.  He believes that the spatial quality of the built environment affects behavior, attitude, and thus the quality of life of occupants.  Therefore Architects must be meticulous in creating built spaces that will enrich occupant’s life and inspire the architect to create more. In this regard, Architecture practice is a virtuous cycle of Creation, Enrichment, and inspiration. 

Interested in Art, Design & Engineering from Early Childhood, Immediately after High School, Ujjwal got a Scholarship to study for 3 years overseer degree in Architecture (2006) at the Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Campus and his passion further pushed him to get selected for a scholarship to pursue 5 years Bachelors Degree in Architecture(2012)  & 2 years masters degree in urban planning (2016) from Pulchowk Campus.  He was also awarded The Best Thesis In Urban Planning for the year 2016.

Held by the belief that Discourse on Built-Environment is equally important for a Country’s Architecture and Architect’s Work to Improve, He commits his time partly as an architecture educator too.  He has been a course teacher for Bachelor of Engineering Courses at various colleges and universities in Nepal such as kcc, Acme Engineering College, Cosmos College, and Institute of Engineering, Thapathali. 

BIshal Building Engineer


Associate Director

Registered Civil Engineer, Bishal Holds 12 years of experience in the building construction industry. He holds the topmost executive position at Voxel after CEO. Graduated from the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, he holds Bachelors’s Degree in General Civil Engineering and a Masters’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering.  

He Heads Civil Engineering & Structural Design Department and is also key personnel in financial and administrative decisions. He is the Primary Guide to the CEO.  Besides Voxel Architects & Engineers, He commits his time to multiple firms as an independent engineering consultant in Nepal. 

Originally from Bhojpur, he has a cheerful demeanor and problem-solving attitude. He likes to travel a lot, be it regarding professional obligations or personal vacationing.