6300 sq. ft. Residence at Sainbu Bhainsepati

The site, was elevated from the street and could enjoy excellent winter southern sun and unobstructed view of the rising sun all year round.

Modern Residence Architecture, Sainbu, Kathmandu

The Sun and The Hope, Glasses lets the sun and warmth in, the aesthetic is visually directed towards the sky, making the architecture, pleasing to the passersby too besides being machinely functional. Voxel Architect’s, Kathmandu, Nepal. and Our Tradition of “creating built spaces”, Enriching Lives and Inspiring People.


The Design boasts, its clean sleekness, yet massive to command a dialogue from the surrounding. The living floor in the middle is further optimized with open stairs, slightly skewed towards the upper bedroom floor and lower floor.  This space further strengthens our voxel architect’s philosophy of continuing cycle of creating, inspiring and enriching.

Status: under Construction Since, Dec. 2016.

Estimated Project Cost: USD $ 203,225 /-as of dec 2016.

Modern Residence Architecture, Sainbu, Kathmandu

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