Pre Design Phase

1. Pre-Design

This is the FIRST PHASE to a property development.

In this phase, the owner and our team of Architects establish and analyze a set of conditions and research that will establish the framework and requirements for the building development. This includes site analysis, zoning, budgeting, programming use requirements and finally a DESIGN BRIEF.

Design and Documentation

2. Design & Document

In this Phase we Prepare design from schematics as guided by the design brief previously prepared. We Figure out Innovative solutions to the design problems, & design potentials explored in the design-brief. A conceptual brief followed by design drawings, construction documents, Project Reports, estimation, Material Specifications, etc will be prepared.

3. Construction

After the design and construction documents are prepared. Construction begins.

We make sure the construction is carried out as per the specifications set out in construction documents. We supervise every detail so that quality material and workmanship is ensured and proper reporting mechanism will be installed.

we make sure every ounce of sand or each tile or fixture that is used in the construction is of optimum quality.



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