• Restaurant Building

    Restaurant Complex, Party Palace an Futsal at Balaju.
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  • Heated swimming pool

    Swimming pool equipment installations
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  • Landscape & Pool

    Landscape and Swimming Pool Design, Banasthali
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  • Swimming Pool

    Landscape Pool and Lighting Design
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  • Landscape Architecture

    Swimming Pool with beautiful backyard Landscape
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Pre-Design Phase

Architect meetings with client to review site and define scope of services to be performed.

Identify project budgets, timing, and program.

Identify site and zoning data.

Design Phase

Architect meetings with client to review design.

Floor plan studies.

Exterior elevation studies.

Obtain preliminary construction prices from builder.

Obtain client approval to proceed.

Construction Drawing Phase

Architect to prepare architectural drawings and specifications to obtain construction costs, building permit, as required per building code.


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