Pre Design Phase
Pre Design
  1. First Meeting – Initial Thought, Preliminary Requirements, Basic Agreement on Scope and Services

  2.  Site Visit+ 2nd Meeting ->  Use Requirements, Budget Discussion -> Holistic Project overview, Contract Signing. 

  3. Site-Zoning-Budgeting-Legal Analyis

  4. Detailed Program Use Requirements

  5. Pre-Design Documents – > Design Brief 

Design and Documentation
  1. Schematic Design — (Design Brief Prepared on PreDesignwill guide)
    • Identification of Design Problems and Potentials
    • Explorations of Ideas, Design Potential, and Context
    • Concept Note – Document Preparation (Diagrams and Text)
    • Schematic Architectural Design – Discussion and Finalization.
  2. Design Development
    • Floor Plan, Exterior elevation and Interior Volume Studies
    • Preliminary material Selection and Prices
    • Final Design Drawings – Prepared and Finalized
  3. Construction Documents
    •   Input from Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Drainage Engineers
    • Building Permit Application
    • Construction Drawings, Specifications, Estimate
    •  Construction Schedule and Other (bidding/Contract) Documents

Building Construction
  1. Construction Team
    • Detailed Contract Agreement
    • Construction Begins
  2. Construction ( Quality Assurance and Monitoring Mechanisms Placed)
    • Time and Budgeting Requirements will be met.
    • Regular Supervision
    • Change Orders
  3. Construction Completed
    • Thorough Review and Reporting Document
  4. Hand Over the Project
    • Periodic maintenance and Defect liability (1 year from hand over)



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