People Behind Our Success

Architect Bipin from Nepal


Architectural Assistant

Bipin has backgrounds from Department of Architecture, IOE, Pulchowk Campus. He has been working closely in commercial and residential design Projects.

He puts emphasis on Creating balance between Natural Environment and the Built Environment. He says, ‘a Good built-environment sits in the Natural Environment and yet tries to enhance its primitive serenity and tranquillity.’ He has won 1st prize in Product Design Competition in 13th National ASA Exhibition in 2019.

Besides Designing the ‘Built-Environment’, he likes to read books, and go for trekking.

megha - Assistant Architect from Kanchanpur


Architectural Assistant

Megha Believes that Theories, the Research, & the Reality all culminate in an Architectural Design Thinking and therefore is the most important Concept in Architecture Discipline.

She believes that Dedication Brings the Quality of work and Innovation. She has been an indispensable part of team to push all the team members to the ultimate and meet project deadlines. She is a keen observer and emphasises on proper design detailing and accuracy of the submittals.

Architect Anish from Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal


Architectural Assistant

Anish Comes from Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. He believes that the very Base of any reliable work is sincerity, organisation, dedication and diligence.

    Anish is passionate about architecture and strongly believes that built-environment can inspire people and thus improve their lives. This aligns with the Very motto of Voxel.

Simple and Yet Profound, – this is his style. The underlying simplicity can be found in most of his projects, which has spurred from the very rigour of design thinking, culminated over years, that has led him to easily identify and eliminate anything that is unnecessary in the project, be it a direct & tangible geometric volume or simply an intangible idea.

He is a team player and is also interested in music, graphics design and is always enthusiastic to assimilate more.


Founder, Lead Architect, Urban Planner

Registered Architect & Urban Planner from Kathmandu Nepal. He designs Buildings.
He Says,” we as architects, must be very careful when designing built spaces, because, the spaces we design, also, in turn design people’s behaviour and attitude.  Architecture practice should, therefore, be a virtuous cycle of “creating, enriching and inspiring.”

He Wants to Educate and Inspire and thus change lives  through education, technology and architecture. He used to be course teacher for B.Arch at Acme Engineering College. Presently, He teaches Architecture Basics for Civil Engineering Department at KCC and also is a tutor of various engineering software packages including autoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, etc. He is a visiting faculty at Tribhuvan University-affliate  Institute of EngineeringThapathali Campus and Pokhara university-Affliate- Cosmos college.

He holds 5-years Bachelor Degree in Architecture and Masters Degree in urban planning From Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. His research Interests are Urban Resilience and the Built Environment.

He can be followed through, facebook, twitter, his blog, telephone, or Skype Call

Nepalese Architect praveen


Project Architect

Praveen has been with voxel since 2016, after graduating (1st class) from Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. He believes in maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle with the help of outdoor sports and is a great Sports Enthusiast. 

Praveen is a very creative person and occasionally writes poems. He is also a graphic design enthusiast and strongly believes in voxel’s motto of creating built spaces, inspiring people and enriching lives. Currently, he is pursuing a masters degree in urban planning from IOE, Pulchowk Campus, Apart from designing great built spaces.


Project Architect

Sohil has been with voxel since 2016, after graduating (1st class) in Architecture from Department of Architecture & Urban Planning,  Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus. He has won 1st prize in Architecture in 7th National ASA Architectural Exhibition in 2013 while still, he was a student. He has also won various national level architectural design competitions.

Sohil was interested in Architecture and Design from early childhood, which can be easily seen is his design and graphic works. His acute and meticulous acumen in both the aesthetics and function of any built environment comes from an upbringing in the core area of architecturally rich Patan. This has influenced his design in ways, that incorporates modern methods with traditional and vernacular aesthetical and architectural principles.

He has tremendous interest and skills in digital graphics as well.