We are group of  Architects & Engineers, Educators and Writers graduated from Pulchowk Engineering college, Laliptur, Nepal. We design Buildings and We believe in Progressive Cycle of Creating Built Spaces, Enriching Lives and then Inspiring People.

We want to Educate and Inspire People and thus change lives through the means of education, technology and architecture. We founded VOXEL Pvt. Ltd. for this purpose. We are as of now primarily an architectural firm based in Nepal.  We also run Training Courses for fresh architects, engineers and students, so that they can better contribute to nation with the help of added technological skills.

Voxel has a  very wide and diverse design extent. Some of the Projects Include, Schools Buildings, Multifamily and Mixed Use Residences, Commercial Complexes, and interiors.

We believe that,  Education and Technology is the key to Development. & Architecture is our Passion. Here at VOXEL, We Try to Integrate these 5 things.

Our Office is located at Pulchowk, Lalitpur, inside Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. Office is right opposite to Pulchowk Engineering College Gate

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